February Social Media Updates

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Instagram and Facebook saw several updates last month. Realtors, Financial Advisors, and Business Entrepreneurs alike — keep reading this blog to see how you can apply these updates to your Q2 Social Media Strategy.

Instagram Updates Live, IGTV and Desktop Application

When Instagram debuted IGTV last June, it seemed like a bold move to finally take down YouTube, but ended up having little success in doing so. Users reported feeling disappointed in the new app due to functionality issues, and were confused on the overall purpose of IGTV. But, IGTV is making a comeback with its new updates with a new, user-friendly layout.  Instagram hopes to draw more users in, and good news for you – there’s an explore page! You may have read our Video Marketing Blog For Realtors where we talked about sharing more video content. Try using IGTV for your longform content, i.e. weekly real estate tips or market updates. The more consistent content you put out, the more likely you are to appear on the explore page.

If you use Instagram Live, you can now title your live video. This will be extremely helpful in helping your audience identify what your video will be about, so remember, use an eye-catching title! Be engaging with your titles so your audience is more tempted to click on your IG LIVE.  Loan officers, let’s say you are going LIVE with a Q & A. Make the title short, sweet, and to the point – for example, Mortgage Q&A with Your Mortgage Coach. Lastly, Instagram is testing an update that allows users to respond to messages on the desktop application. This is a HUGE update for social media marketers and anyone who manages more than one account, especially if you live on your desktop at the office and don’t have the time to check your DMs too often.

Facebook Updates Group Features and Streamlines Communication

Here’s an update that Marketers, Realtors, and Financial Advisors alike can celebrate – the new update where page admins can respond to both Facebook and Instagram messages from the same page inbox. Merging this communication also streamlines the engagement process and functionality.

Another update professionals can salute is the option to monetize your Facebook groups. If you are a Realtor or Finance Professional and have courses that you share within your group, this is the perfect opportunity for you to monetize this part of your business. So, in order for people to join your group they will have to pay a fee. Even if you don’t already have a Facebook Group for your business, this is something you can start thinking about; what kind of value will you offer in your Facebook Group? Make the switch, and monetize your content.

It’s been a big month for both Instagram and Facebook. Make sure to check our monthly blog to stay updated with all things digital marketing. If you’re interested in our social media services, contact us today.

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