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In last month’s blog about the benefits of a Instagram business account, we shared why you should make the switch to a Business Account. Are you convinced to make the switch, but not entirely sure how to navigate Instagram Insights? Keep reading as we delve deeper into Instagram Insights in this blog.

There are three main components of Instagram Insights: activity, content, and audience. Once you master these tools, you will be able to measure the success of your campaigns by tracking reach, engagement, views, and more. For example, if you post a listing video, you can monitor the metrics within the app to determine what content your audience resonates with, so you can recreate that success in the future.  

Navigating the Activity Tab

Think of the activity tab as your “home page.” Here is where you will see an overview of your business profile for the week, including profile visits, website visits, reach, and impressions. Right off the bat you are given access to valuable information! For example, if you put a listing link in your bio, you can see how many people clicked on it, and if they email you, Instagram Insights tells you how many emails you received through that link. This can help you gauge which content is garnering the most engagement, and is a helpful tool in tracking the success of your campaign.

Measuring Engagement in the Content Tab

The content section is where you can view the engagement of your posts and stories, and an overview of any active promotions going on. Your feed posts are filtered by the highest amount of engagement, which is a great tool to see which content performs best. You can use this knowledge when curating future content since you know what performs well. If you have any active promotions going on, you are able to track their performance, and lastly, you will also be able to view impressions for stories.

Getting to Know Your Audience in the Audience Tab

This last section is our favorite part of Instagram Insights: the audience tab. This is where the gold is! Your follower count is displayed along with how many followers you’ve gained that week, in addition to the following audience insights: top locations, age range, gender, and practical times to post by day. Instagram breaks down this information so you can understand your audience demographic. You may be targeting millennial homebuyers, but if Instagram Insights is telling you the majority of your followers are in the 35-50 age bracket, then you need to tailor your content to that demographic!

And there you have it: a breakdown of Instagram Insights! Still need some help, or want us to manage your Instagram account for you? Contact us today.

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