October Instagram Updates

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The quick pace of technology can be difficult to keep up with. It seems right when you understand the latest initiative, another one is released from several platforms all within close proximity to one another. How do you keep up, and how can you implement these changes to benefit your business? We’ve got you covered.  Check out four Instagram updates that rolled out in October.

Instagram Allows Longer Story Uploads

You can now upload videos up to a minute long, but there’s just one catch: Instagram will split the video up into 15-second increments. Instagram stories continue to dominate – there are over 300 million active viewers users each day, making it one of the fastest growing platforms ever. Why is this important? Well, engagement rates for Instagram Stories are higher than engagement for posts. If you’re looking for more engagement on your content, like a promotional listing video, post it to your story and track the results compared to a normal post.

Instagram released a new Quick Replies feature

You can also now use “quick replies” if you are direct messaging someone. For example, if you’re a realtor and you often get questions your hours, you can type and save that information for use later when you ultimately get that question again. This is how it works: you create keyboard shortcuts that will automatically use and send your saved message. Super easy! This feature will help cut back on your screen time to make you more available to showcase your listings. Call it, the better version of speed dial.

Instagram allows you to switch from chat to video easily

If a big part of your business model is communicating with your audience on Instagram, you can now do so on video – it’s as easy as the click of an icon. These sessions are private. Let’s say for example a customer has a question about the different types of loans out there. Instead of typing all this information, take it to a quick video call. If you’re unable to video chat, you can also send an audio message instead. The benefits to this? Well, video calls are more personable than text replies. Your community will get to know and see who you are.

Instagram “Name Tags”

Have you ever tried to follow someone on Instagram, but their profile didn’t come up when you searched their username? Yea, us too. This new feature helps to alleviate that pain! Instagram just released the name tags feature, which is similar to Snapchat’s “snap code.” It’s customizable and serves as a QR type of code. Once your name tag is scanned, you are then prompted to follow. You can customize your name tag, so get creative! Are you a realtor? Use the house emoji. Are you a financial advisor? Use the money bags emoji. What’s great about Instagram Name Tags is that they live outside of the app as well. Here’s an idea: print out your name tag, and put it on your business window so passerby can easily follow you!


It’s been a big month for Instagram updates, make sure to check Ignite Now Media’s monthly blog to stay updated with all things digital marketing.

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