Three Reasons Why You Should Launch Your Own Podcast

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Here at Ignite Now Media, we cover all things digital media: video production, digital marketing, and now– podcasts.

Media is something that is always evolving: newspapers and magazines are going digital, people are turning from cable to streaming services, and now, people are making the switch from radio to podcasts.

Everyday, more and more podcasts launch – just look at your iTunes app. Whether you’re interested in listening to something about career development, real estate, entrepreneurship, or something a little more light-hearted such as the arts, music, or gaming, there’s a podcast for everyone. So, if you have a radio show or were thinking about starting one here’s why you should start thinking about launching a podcast instead

Podcasts are On- Demand

Scheduling and listening habits differ between podcasts and radio. Podcasts are completely on-demand, whereas radio is live, and set to a schedule. If you tune in halfway through the radio show, you’ve already missed it. Podcasts allow you to pause and listen as many times as you want.

Your Podcast Can Center Around Any Topic

Do you love dogs? Are you passionate about knitting? Or, are you like us and love all things digital marketing? Then you should make a podcast about it! That’s the beauty of podcasting. You can choose any topic because somewhere out there is a person who would love listening to your podcast.

Podcasts Have No Time Constraints

Have you ever tried to enter a radio giveaway, but couldn’t because you were at work? Yea, us too. The thing about radio shows is that they are set to a specific time and day. Therefore, making people like you and me miss out on that prize. Podcasting allows you to have the freedom to record a 30-minute episode or a 2-hour episode. It’s all up to you! You don’t have to worry about filling a 45 or 60 minute time slot and getting cut off if you go over.  

So, who’s ready to launch their new podcast? There’s no better time than now.

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