Deyani Roth-JenningsAccount Manager

    Now a multi-tasking media manager and mom of two, Deyani’s journey into media can be traced all the way back to high school. She was part of the San Leandro Academy for Multimedia, which—unlike traditional high schools—offers classes specifically tailored toward diverse media programs. After graduating, Deyani left home to serve in the Marine Corps for five years as an aviation electronic technician, specializing in communications and navigation systems. She returned from service to secure employment in both Veterans Affairs and real estate. But her true passion has always been understanding people and helping them succeed. She received her BA in Psychology from National University, along with an MA in Human Behavior and quickly found her path to Ignite Now Media. As the company’s Media Relations Executive, Deyani says her “favorite part has been the growth of it all. In the past, we were using some complicated technology systems, but over the years, everything about marketing, editing and videography has become more streamlined and visually pleasing.