Dylan WelchProducer

    As the lead producer for Ignite Now Media, Dylan oversees the scripting, production, and distribution (both national and local) of The American Dream, Lifestyles San Diego and Operation American Dream. Growing up in New York, Dylan jumped at the chance to move to Italy in 2012 where he gained invaluable experience as a marketing manager and media producer for an international travel company. Dylan’s passion for traveling has taken him to four continents and more than 25 countries, but he is happy to call San Diego home. Upon moving here in 2014, he started his own business called F1LM, which produced viral social media content and TV shows. He later landed at Ignite Now Media, where he wears multiple production hats every day. In his free time, Dylan enjoys heading to the dog park with his golden retriever, Riley, and discovering the best hidden beaches in SoCal.