Michael DarcyCamera Operator & Video Editor

    Michael comes from humble beginnings, growing up in Carmel, Indiana with an early appreciation for film and storytelling. Upon receiving his bachelor’s degree in Broadcast and Electronic Media at Gonzaga University (2012), Michael hit the ground running, landing his first job in the video production industry. After bouncing around from Spokane to Indianapolis, he made his way southwest to Los Angeles and eventually landed in San Diego in 2013. His strong editing and storytelling skills aside, Michael is a self-professed “giant nerd.” A video game and professional wrestling fanatic, he just can’t get enough of that “nerd culture.” His favorite movie is “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly,” his favorite video game is “Starcraft,” and his favorite wrestler is “Speedball” Mike Bailey. Ignite Now Media appreciates Michael’s eclectic sense of self!