Tina KjaerLead Editor & Color Grader

    Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, Tina Kjaer is our Video Editor and Colorist. She graduated from Aalborg University with a Master of Science in Media Technology, and also studied Television, Film and Media at San Diego State University. Previously, Tina studied filmmaking with a focus on editing and Virtual Reality, which led to collaborations with Samsung Denmark and Nordic Film Denmark, and she worked as a technical supervisor for three years

    With more than five years of total experience in the industry, she takes pride in being a woman in the technical field, and hopes to help spread diversity. Specifically at Ignite Now Media, she enjoys working on the American Dream, where she is an active part of the television show’s growth, as well as intricate part of the editing process.

    Tina believes that it’s good to have dreams, but even better to have goals. And, interestingly enough, she won an amateur rap battle competition when she was 16-years-old.

    Bob Griffin