The Mistakes You’re Making With Video Marketing

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You have probably heard about the power of video marketing by now.

As a real estate agent, your focus should not just be on going through the motions of buying and selling a home. You have to stay connected with past clients and get connected with potential new ones. There is no better way to do this then through the power of video. Using the power of video allows you to become the “Digital Mayor” of your town.

People are already looking for homes online and watching video tours online in combination with visiting open houses. So make sure you are meeting potential clients where they are with a presence both online and in real time.

Many agents already use video to market their homes and businesses. However, some agents still fail to engage their viewers by making some very fixable mistakes.

Rehearse More

“Wingin it” is not going to work here. Give yourself time to learn what you are going to say in front of the camera. Practice is so important nothing helps your business more than knowing your stuff. Try to avoid saying“um” or “uh” the less you ramble the better. However, if you don’t have time to rehearse try live video because people tend to be a little more understanding of mistakes.

Choose A Message

Your video should have an objective before you even start filming. Part of that plan should include deciding on a message. According to  Realtor Magazine, there are four main categories for real estate videos including the introduction, the “just sold” video, the neighborhood tour and the open house video. Know your focus and make sure that your video aligns with your company and brand goals.


People can forgive you for ‘okay’ audio, but people will not forget you for having poor lighting. Poor lighting in your videos may be contributing to your lack of success with video marketing. Make sure that you fill your filming space with lighting. REMEMBER: Natural lighting is always the best lighting.

Video Transcript

A video transcript is text version of what was said in a  video. After uploading your video to whichever platform you choose it most likely automatically creates a transcript for you which you can edit if needed. You want to make sure that this transcript is accurate because having a video transcript helps your video get found in search results. Search engines use the information found in these transcripts to help viewers find what they are looking for.

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