April Social Media Updates

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Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook all saw major updates last month — in fact, one of these platforms is considering hiding the like counts from public view! Which platform is it? Keep reading to find out!

Facebook Adds New Options for 3D Photos

Facebook’s 3D photo option was first released back in 2018, but hasn’t taken off quite yet. What is a 3D photo? Well, you don’t need glasses to get the affect. It’s actually an algorithm that instantly generates the 3D image through a system of image layering and data-mapping. So, once you take a depth photo (aka, Portrait Mode photo) and select the 3D option, Facebook generates the 3D image for you.

We could go over the reasons why this feature hasn’t taken off, but let’s focus on the feature that may make 3D photos more popular! Facebook’s new feature could entice users to share more 3D photos because you can now share 3D photos to your Facebook Stories. This could be an amazing tool for REALTORS if they use this feature to showcase their listings. If your phone has the capability, snap a quick Portrait Mode photo of your listing, share it to your Feed, and then share that post to your Facebook Stories. This gives your network an interactive way to connect with you and is a quick and easy way to garner engagement. You don’t even have to use a professional photo, which is the best part.

LinkedIn Adds the Option to Add Documents to Posts and Groups

LinkedIn is the top networking platform for professionals according to Medium and has skyrocketed in terms of engagement. I’m sure at some point in your career, you logged on, found a company, and applied via their online portal or have even made a job posting yourself. The application process is completely online, and you get filtered based off of your responses. With this new documents feature, another option could be to upload your resume to a post as you share with your network that you are looking to switch careers. Who knows, maybe they could forward that resume to a colleague!

Agents, this is another great update for you. You can also upload PowerPoint presentations to posts and groups. In our past blog about branding yourself in real estate, we mentioned networking as a way to develop your personal brand. If you’re in a LinkedIn group with fellow agents, you could share your listing presentation and ask for feedback, or even inspire others to follow in your footsteps. Use this feature to fit your needs, whether it be switching companies or asking for feedback.

Instagram Launches Quiz Stickers and Considers Hiding Likes

You read that right, Instagram is considering hiding the likes count from the public eye. The reason? According to a recent study by Time magazine, Instagram is the worst app for mental health and overall wellbeing. Likes will only be visible to the user that posted it in an effort to bring the app’s current focus on likes and popularity, back to its original purpose: to focus on the story behind what you share. Instagram is currently testing this with a select group of users in Canada. Time will only tell if Instagram moves forward with this update.

Here’s an update we can all get behind: the new Donation sticker for Instagram Stories. Instagram was testing this sticker back in February, and it’s now available to all users! What’s great about this sticker is there are no fees — the nonprofit of your choice gets 100% of the donations, which is unheard of. Sites like Gofundme and Donorbox usually get 1-5% of donations. Even Instagram’s sister company, Facebook, charges a 5% transaction fee. As an agent, community involvement is important! We all have a passion we could either give our time to or donate to. This Donation sticker is a great way to get your network involved in your philanthropic efforts, and is effortless.

That’s a wrap for last month’s social media updates! Do you have LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, but no time to manage all three platforms? We can assist you with that. Contact us today for more information.

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