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Instagram offers an abundance of great features to increase your overall Social Media engagement that often goes unnoticed. Today on the blog, we are going to unveil some of these Instagram features you may have missed and teach you some of our tricks to boost engagement on your profile.

Adding Hidden Hashtags to Your Instagram Stories

As many of you may already know, hashtags are a great resource to bring engagement to your page. You probably already add hashtags to your Instagram posts either on the caption or in the comments. Well, including hashtags in your Stories are also a great way to get noticed! Now, littering your stories with hashtags may seem a bit excessive to your viewer and can look unappealing. Here’s a trick: you hide them! Simply make your hashtag font color the same color as your background. That way, your viewers won’t even notice your hashtag, but it will show up when you search through the hashtag.

Use IGTV Instead of the Swipe Up Feature

Instagram Stories offers a Swipe up feature that redirects your viewers to another page. This gives you an opportunity to promote yourself on your other social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, to name a few. However, this feature is only available to accounts who have 10k+ followers. But we found a workaround! IGTV allows you to include a link to your video. Simply click on the TV icon from your home page and add a video that’s 15 seconds to 10 minutes long and include your link in the description box.

Use Story Highlights

When you post an Instagram Story, it is only viewable for 24 hours. Whereas posting on your actual Instagram feed makes it permanently viewable. Let’s say you have something you want to share with your followers but you don’t want it to be on your feed but you want it to last longer than 24 hours. Well if you post something to you Story you can now save it to your Instagram Story Highlights which will appear at the top of your Instagram profile as collections. Your followers will be able to see the content by clicking on the “Highlight”. This is a great resource for you Realtors out there. You can keep your open listings on here and simply remove them once they are no longer available.

Here’s a bonus tip: Be sure to customize a cover for your Highlights! We like to use Canva to design ours- it’s user-friendly and has a lot of templates already curated for you to choose from. But there are a lot of other apps that you can use ….Make sure that the design is simple, yet eye-catching so that people who visit your profile are drawn to check out your Highlights. Agents, get creative with your listings! If your listing is a modern farmhouse style home, use a barn as the icon for your cover. Have fun, and remember to keep your Highlight covers on brand and up to date!

That’s a wrap for this week’s blog on Instagram tips and tricks! Subscribe to our blog to stay updated on all things digital media. If you would like us to manage your Instagram for you, contact us today.

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