Craig SewingCEO

    We know him as the CEO of Ignite Now Media, but Craig Sewing is better known to his audiences as the creator and TV host of ‘The American Dream.’ Born and raised in the Midwest, he has quickly established himself as a television and radio personality who’s eager to go to bat for his audiences and tackle polarizing issues head-on.

    The motto of his talk show is “Educate, Empower and Engage with his viewers on topics related to the American dream” and he does so by going against the grain of the negative media, and instead offering concrete and constructive advice to his viewers on issues that matter most to them.

    With his strong background in real estate, finance, and entrepreneurship, Craig has succeeded in leveraging his extensive network of contacts to pioneer this year’s nationwide launch of ‘The American Dream’. Equal parts edgy and approachable, Craig has established himself as a leader among elite entrepreneurs, appearing regularly at speaking events and fundraisers alike. His passion for his country runs deep, and so does his love for his audience.